Update 2.1

The new update of mobile WoW on Android has already been released, so it’s time to talk more about it. The main features is a reworked list of servers to connect and a global players list, aka Who. … Continue Reading

About security and protection of your accounts when using Wow Mini

Today I want to share with you some facts about security of your accounts in the Wow Mini and tell you about a new feature: two-factor authentication. … Continue Reading

Version 2.0.0 – Major update

A big deal has done. We successfully completed beta-testing and release full reworked application. It’s already available on Google Play. … Continue Reading

Version 1.4.0 – First iOS release

I’m happy to announce our first iOS release! Now you could also use your iPhone and iPad devices to join private WoW Servers and chat with friends and guild.   … Continue Reading