A big deal has done. We successfully completed beta-testing and release full reworked application. It’s already available on Google Play.

First big change – completely new interface and design. It’s became ‘Material designed’ and close to regular mobile style which you are accustomed. Separated chat windows – it is something obvious, that all messengers has. We have bring this feature to the WoW Mini also. I hope that this change will increase user experience and you’ll spend more time using the app.

Please note that you can hide unneeded chats or pin important chats to the top. To access these functions just press and hold on the chat or swipe left on the chat. All chat settings will be saved for the next time use.


Next big change is the lists of friends and guild members. No more comments here. This is must have feature and many players leave requests for this. Enjoy!


And last really important improvement is the auto login. Forget about so boring typing login/password every time you use the app. Now it’s all done automatically. After application is closed or connection is lost you will be auto joined to the last server and character used. Don’t worry about security – it will stay on the same level. Your password not sent anywhere except target World of Warcraft server. However, in the new version, the password will be saved on the device for auto login feature. But the saved password strongly encrypted, so it can’t be hacked by third party apps or by a human even on rooted devices.


Other improvements:

  • Officer chat support
  • Join to the default channels with one click
  • Added time of posted message
  • Copy/Paste now works with each input form


I hope you enjoy the new version. Please leave feedback through the feedback system inside the app, it’s really important for me to know your opinion, ideas and problems you faced. Do not forget to rate the app on Google Play and tell friends about this amazing app! You could also make a donation within the app if you enjoy. I would be grateful if you make a donation, this is important part to support further development.


Thank you for staying with us!


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